Police say former U student was murdered

Kevin Behr

Minneapolis police have reopened the investigation into the 2002 death of University student Chris Jenkins in light of new evidence that points to murder.

Police Lt. Greg Reinhardt confirmed Friday that the 21-year-old’s death had been ruled a homicide.

Jenkins was last seen on Halloween 2002 at the Lone Tree Bar in downtown Minneapolis. Police found his body along the Mississippi River in February 2003.

Police initially ruled the cause of death as unknown, said Steve Jenkins, Chris Jenkins’ father.

He said he and his wife hired private investigator Chuck Loesch to investigate their son’s death because they believed foul play was involved.

The case had been closed for two police chiefs’ administrations, Steve Jenkins said. But the results of Loesch’s investigation inspired incoming Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan to reopen the case, Loesch said.

Police have one person of interest in custody on a separate charge and are currently searching for a second, Loesch said.

Steve Jenkins said he was delighted by police efforts.

“We’re looking forward to stepping back and letting law enforcement do what they need to do so we can continue to grow from this point forward,” he said.

More details about the case will be made available at a press conference today.

The AP contributed to this report.