Walz to get support from DNC after vote

Devin Henry

Rep. Tim Walz, the two-term Democrat from southern Minnesota who voted for the health care reform bill Sunday, will be getting a little support from the Democratic National Committee following his vote. 

Rep. Tim Walz

Walz will be one of 25 House Democrats featured in a $1 million "thank you" commercial aired by the DNC, according to the Star Tribune.

A Republican represented Walz’s district in the decade before his upset victory there in 2006. Despite his easy re-election in 2008, the Star Tribune reports the Republican Party has targeted Walz as vulnerable in this fall’s midterm elections.

While the video might make it appear Democrats are worried about holding Walz’s (and others’) seat this year, the U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told Politico he doesn’t think the controversial health care vote will cost his party seats in November.

“When they learn the truth, the truth is going to make us victorious,” Hoyer said. “The message we have will be a very positive message. When you do polls, individual segments [of the bill] do very well.”