Bryant-Lake Bowl

810 West Lake Street, Mpls. (612) 825-3737

Ah, what to do tonight. You’re with a contentious crowd, and they can’t come to an agreement. Some want to bowl, some want to eat, some just want to hit a bar, and some, just to be extra ornery, want to sample whatever might be playing in the Twin Cities’ cabaret theater/music scene. Well, thank goodness for the Bryant-Lake Bowl, where you can do all at once. The food is moderately priced and quite tasty (and there is root beer on tap!), the drink selection is excellent (pear cider? You bet!), the bowling lanes are clean and well-maintained, and the performances are varied. If you’re looking for puppetry, for example, or juggling, or drag kings, or sketch comedy, well, look no further. Also, you didn’t hear it from me, but the BLB is the Twin Cities favorite location for Josh Hartnett sightings. Shh.

– Max Sparber