Daily Digest: State of U, soybeans, Clarence Thomas

by Lisa Zehner

Friday is finally here and the big news from yesterday was University of Minnesota President Bob Bruinink’s State of the University Address where focused on the current financial troubles that the University is facing from cuts at state funding.

*The address was broadcast live at all of the University of Minnesota campuses, the Duluth News Tribune reports. Bruininks emphasized looking into the future amid the difficult challenges today, MPR reports. The school could face $200 million in cuts from state funding over the next two years. He also talked about the surpassing funding of tuition, not the state, according to the Pioneer Press. See KSTP video here, which also includes a video interview with former City Council candidate and U student Charles Carlson:

 *A group of researchers are about to introduce a line of drought-hardy soybeans. The group of researchers includes Jim Orf from the University, according to the High Plains Journal. The lead researcher Tommy Carter has been trying to find a drought-resistent soybean for some 25 years.

*Also, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is going to speak at the University’s Law School on April 15, the Star Tribune reports.