Flight of the white, speeding car

Time seems to be running out in your quest for finding your missing ticket.
You approach Rodent Towing with the wind in your face. It is a cold, late afternoon, and you step closer to the building.
A sign outside the building offers a job for Rodent Towing. It reads, “No experience needed. Leave your conscience at the door.” But it probably pays good money.
A Rodent Towing truck is in front of the building. As you approach the door, your eye catches the keys in the ignition, sparkling from a nearby lamp.
Suddenly, a white, speeding car flies down the alley, stopping at the entrance to Rodent Towing. You duck behind the towing truck, your eyes fixed on what is transpiring.
A man runs out of the building with what looks like a white envelope. He runs up to the car. The window of the car rolls down, and you see a young woman sitting behind the wheel. All you can hear is something about “get the ball rolling.”
The woman gives the man some paper — it looks like money, but you can’t tell what type or how much.
That is your money, you think. He’s making a profit by selling your ticket!
The man runs back into the building. He’s probably heading behind the thick bulletproof glass that provides him safety from angry, poor University students that have been mercilessly towed.
The only way to get your money back is to get behind that wall.
You look around. You certainly can’t get behind bulletproof glass by yourself, but you could use the Rodent Towing truck to ram the building. Once in, you could at least get your money.
The car speeds off. Your mind is now racing. You have several options in front of you.

If you want to jump into the Rodent Towing truck and chase after the car,See OUCH:TOBETAN page 12
If you want to jump into the truck and ram the building,See BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE page 21
If you want to go inside and apply for a job and poke around for clues,See THRILLEROF ATIME page 17