Switala’s tech column hit the mark

by Roxie Hudak, Daily reader

Columnist Julian Switala wrote on an important and troubling subject in his Oct. 13 column, âÄúCan you read this column through?âÄù: our heavy use of communication devices literally altering our brain chemistry and thought processes.
WeâÄôve finally realized the toll that texting and talking on cell phones has on our physical safety âÄî many have been killed by being too engrossed in such devices. We must also take note of how our brains are also taking a hit. As Switala said, we are being âÄúconditioned by a kind of neurochemical response.âÄù This addiction to information gathering causes an overload on our brain circuitry. We must not allow ourselves to become slaves to communications gadgets. So many folks are so often looking down; texting, checking in, looking up, whatever.
 LetâÄôs start saying âÄúHi!âÄù to these gadget-engrossed souls as we pass them walking, to force their brains to shift into the reality of their surroundings, maybe even causing them to crack a smile!