Israel withdraws most ground troops

by Kendall Moon

On Sunday, Israel withdrew most of its ground troops from the Gaza Strip, according to an article by the Associated Press. So far, its action throughout July and August has resulted in 1,800 Palestinians and 60 Israelis dead.

The article said Hamas officials vowed to continue in their effort, leaving it unknown if Israel’s withdrawal will be enough to end the violence.

July 8 marked when Israel first launched its military operation in Gaza, which was its response after weeks of continuous rocket fire from Hamas, according to the Associated Press. By July 17, Israel’s ground forces were sent to Gaza to destroy about 30 tunnels detected that Hamas were using to carry out many attacks.

So far Hamas have fired over 3,000 rockets into Israel, in what the Associated Press called the “bloodiest round of fighting ever between the two enemies.”

The article said Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an Israeli military spokesman, said the ground troops were successful in destroying most of the tunnels and were being pulled out of Gaza.

The spokesman also said that Israel’s operation was not over. Israel’s plan, the article said, would be to lessen Israel’s vulnerability to infiltrations and target Hamas’ rocket firing. Israel officials said, though it will reduce its ground activity, it would continue to use airstrikes in response to attacks from Gaza.