Real fix for TCF Bank Stadium identified

John Hauck has unknowingly identified a real fix for the stadium.

by Andrew Wagner

John HauckâÄôs column âÄúIdentifying fix for TCF StadiumâÄù in the Oct. 8 issue of The Minnesota Daily did a great job in pointing out a glaring flaw in the student ticket policy: that a 55-year-old Badger fan can even get into the stadium. IâÄôd love to know exactly who checked his ID at the gate and said he looked to be the person shown on the card. There are no other universities in the Big Ten conference that have as loose a student ticket policy as Hauck is suggesting, and to have such a policy would be an enormous mistake. The Gophers are already notorious for having enormous hordes of Iowa and Wisconsin fans at their home games when the Hawkeyes and Badgers come to town, and allowing a flood of students and fans from opposing schools into the student section would only make TCF Bank Stadium more like the Metrodome, where the Gophers had to suffer through crowds of 20,000 opposing fans in our home stadium. If opposing fans want tickets, they can contact their schoolsâÄô athletic department. Visiting teams get an allotment of tickets to every game, and thatâÄôs frankly all the visiting fans that should be in the stadium. The fact there were any crimson-clad fans last week outside the visiting teamsâÄô section was an atrocity. If anything, the University needs to tighten the student ticket ID policy so as to prevent any visiting fans from entering the student section. Andrew Wagner University undergraduate student Please send comments to [email protected]