Bring real fixes to the drought

Last week, Donald Trump preposterously claimed that he could fix California’s drought. He argued that water has been channeled from valuable farmland to the ocean. 
As with his other claims, Trump’s supporters cheered loudly, despite the fact that his assessment of the state’s environmental condition was heinously wrong. 
The California drought has caused an incredible amount of problems for the state, especially for farmers who rely on large quantities of water through irrigation to support their crops. 
Unfortunately, government officials have resorted to restricting water usage. But this is not an apt solution.
 California lawmakers must utilize more innovative methods to resolve the drought crisis. 
Methods like desalination have been widely frowned upon due to the amount of energy it requires. However, with solar and wind power, desalination could be a viable option in order to convert oceanic salt water to fresh water for consumption.  
For irrigation, a forced decline in consumption will hurt farmers who rely on irrigation tactics. 
However, new technologies, like drip irrigation, dramatically decrease water consumption but ensure high crop yields. 
Instead of considering Donald Trump’s ludicrous solutions, lawmakers and scientists ought to employ cutting- edge technology to resolve California’s water crisis.