Daily Digest: the Legislature and the Watchmen

Courtney Sinner

It’s Thursday, and while the fact that we’ve reached the end of yet another week should make me happy, the weather’s resemblance to Christmas is making me yearn for spring! The eight or so inches that the Twin Cities is expected to get is definitely the big news today, but there are other things going on, too! Here’s a look at other area news:


* One of the Legislature’s big tasks coming up will be to elect the U’s four new Regents, and according to the short article about it in the Strib, one of their big responsibilities might be to pick a replacement for Bruininks — he hasn’t announced a retirement date, but experts say he’s past the midpoint in his tenure.


* Forum Communcation’s St. Paul Bureau reporter had an interesting piece today (which appeared in many of the Forum’s papers, including Fargo, ND and Detroit Lakes, Minn.) about how the Legislature’s cuts to higher education in Minnesota are making students fear "excessive debt," using Support the U Day as the backdrop for the story. In addition to the Daily covering the annual rally, so did many other news outlets, including KARE and KMSP, although I can’t seem to find the links on their websites.


* A YouTube video featuring U of M physics prof John Kakalios has been making the rounds of online linkville. Kakalios was tapped to work with producers on the upcoming Warner Bros. film, Watchmen, so this clip of him talking about his work and the movie has surfaced on First Showing, Gizmodo and Techeblog, just to name a few. Check it out — this guy is definitely getting the reputation of the comic book physicist.


Hope you’re making it through the inclement weather, and enjoying the time off tonight since night classes were canceled. Here’s hoping it all melts soon!


Courtney Sinner
Campus Editor