Daily Digest: Students on economy and U study on off highway vehicle use

Lisa Zehner

Well, I am sure you all have been following the flu shot record attempt by the University of Minnesota, so I won’t even get into that. The Star Tribune has been following it too. Dave Golden from Boynton will be giving us an update with the number of people who turned out up to this point.

Mostly, a lot of today’s University of Minnesota news consisted of follow-ups or stories that have already been out there. For example, WCCO did a story about the custom earbuds made from a mold that the Daily covered last Friday.

The University of Minnesota also did a study on off highway vehicle use on private property, the Northland Press reports. The two-year study can be found on the University’s website.

Here is an interesting article about what students think of the current economic situation. Though most students polled are concerned about the economy, more than 80 percent said their confident in getting a job after graduation, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports. What about you? Let’s hear what you think about the current financial situation and its potential impact on college students.