Evidence ruling expected Tuesday

The question of whether Judge Andrew Danielson will allow police interviews into evidence in the trial of alleged rapist Antonio Burton won’t be answered until Tuesday.
Danielson adjourned court early Friday after defense attorney Joseph Margulies moved to suppress four statements Burton made to Wisconsin police when he was arrested in connection with Oct. 8, 1996, off-campus break-in.
Danielson is expected to rule on the motions Tuesday, when jury selection is also expected to begin.
Burton faces 11 counts of aiding and abetting criminal sexual conduct, robbery and burglary. During the incident, two female University students were allegedly raped, and a car, a television and some jewelry were stolen.
Burton was arrested with three other men, Victor Porter and brothers Puiassance and Giezwa Andersen, all of whom have already stood trial or pleaded guilty to charges.
During earlier pretrial motions, Danielson ruled to allow DNA evidence into the trial, denying defense motions to ban it because of previous errors by DNA technician B.J. Khreiss.
— Joe Carlson