2nd Oklahoma town to have young student-mayor

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) âÄî A second Oklahoma college student will have to split his time running to classes and running a town. Oklahoma State University junior Nathan Bates was sworn in Monday as mayor of Stillwater, a town of 42,000 residents about 50 miles northeast of Oklahoma City. The 27-year-old health education major received 1,308 votes last week to narrowly edge incumbent Roger McMillian’s 1,281 votes. Bates says his victory was “certainly unexpected, but not unappreciated.” John Tyler Hammons, a 20-year-old Northeastern State University student finishing his first year as mayor of Muskogee, says time management is the key to successfully juggling both roles. And, he says, “you have to get used to hearing the word ‘mayor’ in front of your name.”