Private colleges profit students

Trent KaysâÄô Nov. 7 column, âÄúAbolish for-profit universities,âÄù concerning private sector colleges and universities is yet another one-sided missive attacking a burgeoning sector of higher education. Most alarming is the baseless assertion that these schools provide only âÄúcursory and limited instructionâÄù for students.
I would encourage the author to ask any number of newly employed nursing students or computer technicians who attained a degree at a private sector college or university whether their training was anything less than rigorous and comprehensive.
 More broadly, private sector schools offer career-focused training to a growing population of non-traditional students who are seeking to further their education and pursue their passion in the workplace.
These schools have molded themselves to fill a void in public higher education that many non-traditional students like veterans and working parents are taking advantage of.