Culture compass: Art, music and trash, all for free

Kate Drakulic

Friday: Art Attack 2017

Live music, art demonstrations, food trucks and more — meet with hundreds of local artists this weekend as the Northrup King Building celebrates its 20th annual Art Attack. Friday marks the opening night of the celebration with events, including studio visits and interactive activities planned all weekend. 

Where: Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St. NE Minneapolis

When: 5 –10 p.m. Friday

Cost: Free

Saturday: 17th Annual U of M School of Music Collage Concert

To kick off CLA’s new campaign “Shattering Expectations,” over 300 students and faculty will perform in a variety of musical ensembles and solos throughout the night. Join President Kaler and CLA Dean Coleman for a night of music, passion and the start of a new chapter in CLA history. 

Where: Ted Mann Concert Hall, 2128 S. 4th Street Minneapolis

When: 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Saturday

Cost: Free

Sunday: Dinkytown Clean Up Day

Do you own a Nalgene? Did you post an Instagram on Earth Day? Do you just love to hike? If so, you better be making an appearance at Dinkytown Clean Up Day. Help our beloved Dinky shine like the gem we know it is! Pick up a few bags of trash and earn coupons redeemable at a variety of local venues while doing it. 

Where: Outside of Tim Hortons in Dinkytown

When: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Sunday

Cost: Free


Do this: Set back your clocks

Daylight savings time is almost here! In an effort to pretend like one measly extra hour of sleep is enough to make up for the hours upon hours of binge watching that commenced this week, set back your clocks, snuggle in and enjoy. There are still people out there that use analog clocks, right?

Watch this: Season two of “Stranger Things”

Assuming you didn’t finish all nine episodes approximately nine hours after season two was released, get cracking! This weekend’s forecast reads snow, snow and more snow — a perfect opportunity to stay in and catch up on the highly anticipated sci-fi series.

Take this: Your vitamins

There’s no more denying it, flu season has arrived full force. Go get your flu shot, and be considerate of those around you to keep yourself and your surroundings healthy. Be extra conscious of washing your hands, where you sneeze your sneezes and who you share your beer bongs with. Frat parties? You mean germ parties!