Kevin Houston decided to run for the U.S. House of Representatives after a correspondence with incumbent Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Rep. Martin Sabo left him frustrated.
After meeting with the Libertarian party, Houston, a former University student, began campaigning to run in the 5th District.
If elected, Houston said he will eliminate Social Security and income taxes, which he said would “give people their lives back,” and reduce government intrusion.
“A government that doesn’t take half your income in taxes doesn’t have the resources to stick its nose in your business,” he said.
Houston supports privatizing Social Security, which he said would allow workers to invest their own money for their retirement.
In addition, he would legalize prostitution, drugs and “other victimless crimes.” He is also strongly opposed to censorship of the Internet and bills such as the Communications Decency Act, which would prohibit certain Internet content.
Houston said he favors abolishing the federal Department of Education, returning control to the states and local school boards.
He said his platform centers around two main tenets.
“The government that governs best, governs least,” he said, “and government should be as close to the people as possible.”