Minneapolis’ city council passes resolution in response to Indiana bill

Logan Wroge

The Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution on Friday that calls for Indiana and 27 other states to provide protections for the LGBT community that cover housing, employment and public accommodations, according to a city press release.

The resolution is in response to Indiana’s controversial “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” recently signed into law by Governor Mike Pence (R)  that some critics say allowed individuals and businesses to discriminate against members of the LGBT community.

The council was originally going to vote on a resolution that would have restricted city funds from being used to travel to Indiana, but that state’s government modified the controversial law to include protections to people in relation to sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, said city spokesperson Casper Hill.

“We showed our residents that we will stand up for our shared values,” said Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges in the press release. “And we reminded America that progressive, inclusive and welcoming cities like Minneapolis are also prosperous, thriving cities.”

In response to this change, the council dropped the travel ban in lieu of the resolution calling for greater general protection of the LGBT community, Hill said.

“Minneapolis is pleased that Indiana amended their law but much remains to be done across the country to include protection from discrimination for LGBT citizens,” said the resolution’s author and City Council President Barbara Johnson in the release.