Let’s pour one out for the A.V. Club, Twin Cities

Sarah Harper

The A.V. Club, Twin Cities announced today that their coverage of local entertainment is ending. The Onion won't circulate in the Twin Cities anymore either, as editor Jason Zabel explained in his farewell post, "Good-bye from The A.V. Club, Twin Cities." Both The Onion and The A.V. Club will continue to exist on a national-level but they won't join City Pages and Vita.mn as part of your coffee shop holy trinity ever again.

I can't be the only shmoe around here who uses The A.V. Club, Twin Cities for a home page – between whistle-blowing sessions with local back-patters and diligent coverage of hack research, there's always a juicy read. Zabel, who worked at the Minnesota Daily back in the day, put it best:

"The best part of writing for The A.V. Club is the freedom. During my time alone, we’ve wondered why there are so few openly gay athletes, written about a man who turned his house into a town, interviewed an all-male Britney Spears cover band, and run-through all of the crazy shit Bob Dylan has done, all while using as many curse words as we pleased."

May you ever rest in peace, A.V. Club, Twin Cities. Thanks to all played a part in entertaining us, good luck in your future endeavors, and eff the man for shutting you down.