Annual bike, camping gear swap will be held next week

Joseph Corbett

Students looking to revamp their camping equipment but without the cash to invest are in luck: A sale on the St. Paul campus will offer inexpensive new and used gear.
Staff from the Outdoor Store, The Center for Outdoor Adventure and the University’s Office for Student Development and Athletics will be hosting the 15th annual Bicycle and Camping Gear Swap from Tuesday through May 10, running from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day.
Held at the Northstar Ballroom at the St. Paul Student Center, organizers of the event encourage individuals and venders to bring in new and used bicycles, tents and Rollerblades next Tuesday and Wednesday. Students and staff can also bring in their sleeping bags and pads, sporting goods and backpacks the same day.
Students who want to sell cross-country and downhill skis will have to wait until next November, during the annual ski swap.
The original owners will set the sale price for all merchandise.
Vendors will be selling new hiking boots, athletic shoes, polar fleece jackets, shirts, shorts, long underwear and outdoor clothing at the event.
Pam Ehlers-Stec, assistant manger of the Outdoor Store, said that volunteers are needed to help run both the take-in days as well as the sale days of the event. The swap is held annually as a public service.
“We provide a very cool T-shirt and pre-buying options for volunteers,” Ehlers-Stec said.
If a student’s items sell at the sale, the organizers will take a 18 percent commission to cover operating costs of the event. If an item does not sell, the student is not charged.
Organizers said that all of the used equipment must be in clean and working condition.