Semester end and finals issue

Lisa Zehner

Dear readers,

It has been a great fall semester. We are done publishing regular news issues for the semester. We hope you enjoyed the coverage, as we always strive to improve and provide news on things relevant to the University of Minnesota community. We covered the Republican National Convention, where one of our photographers, Steve Maturen, was almost arrested, but let go. We also had many prominent figures come through campus for the historic Election season, and provided you with live updates on Election Night on our website, with twitters as well.

Moreover, we had some great in-depth pieces and investigative work. Just to name a few: a series that looked at violence in Cedar Riverside neighborhood, an investigative report that looked at employee practices at University Dining Services, a series on lobbying practices at the University, and the more recent look at the University’s possible use of eminent domain in Stadium Village. We also broke many other stories of impact, such as the recent controversy of the City losing ballots in Dinkytown. It has been a great semester of coverage. We even won some awards for our work from last year.

We hope it was a good semester and will continue to push for new features on our website, with Multimedia section being set to launch spring semester and many other projects coming up that will be useful to our readers, including an events calendar and more.

Though we are done for the semester, we are going to continue blogging on the site and updating it with stories and photos. Stay tuned. Also, our finals issue hits the stands on Friday. So make sure to pick one up, as it is going to be quite entertaining.

Keep checking back, and we’ll keep brining you the news.


Vadim Lavrusik, Editor in Chief