Daily Digest: Itching, counting, and protesting

by Devin Henry

It’s Monday, April 6, and it’s the final Twins opener at the Metrodome. You won’t find me there tonight, but perhaps tomorrow… I’m plotting out my championship-parade-watching spot on Nicollet Ave. as we speak.

Here’s some news:

Spinal cord cells could be behind your itch, University researchers say in numerous articles on the subject. Through studies on cells in monkeys, the researchers were able to determine that specialized cells in the spinal cord may be behind the itching sensation and pain, and that, "the application of fingernails" can relieve that sensation in healthy people, the New York Times reports. Some scientists working on the study warn that the cells might not be behind itching that affects people with chronic diseases such as kidney problems or H.I.V. The study has also been featured in The Associated Press, the BCC and the Telegraph in the U.K.

Judges in the Senate recount trial will begin counting more ballots this week, and University political guru Larry Jacobs has been making the rounds in the media discussing the subject. In USA Today, Jacobs said Minnesotans have reacted to the proceedings with a, "good-natured Lutheran farmer attitude." More coverage on the trial can be found at MSNBC, Politico and locally in the Star Tribune.

News of protests outside a Soulja Boy concert at UMD has reached the prestigious RapWeekly.com. They quote an epic Twitter message the rapper (@souljaboytellem) put out before the concert, censored here: "WTF I’m in minesota its a group of maf–kaz prtoesting my show this s–t on all the news!!" Daily coverage here, and I’ll use the Twitter reference to plug the Daily’s twitter account here.

Finally, south metro folks such as myself already have to deal with the ongoing Crosstown construction project, but here’s some more bad news: beginning Tuesday, the Diamond Lake Road exit on southbound 35W is going to be closed for a month, the Strib reports.

That’s all. Have a good Monday!

-Devin Henry

Senior Staff Reporter