“go off the grid”

Ashley Goetz

Monday. February 7,2011 

A group of University of Minnesota students from the Energy Efficiency Student Alliance held a campout in front of Coffman at the temperature of below-zero wind chill to kick off the Conservation Madness, a competition between dorms to see who can conserve the most energy. 


Around 5:30pm: Eco Watch Officer Mikery Weitekamp assembles the big tents in front of Coffman Union.


Around 7:45pm: Campers decided to play football to keep themself warm.


Around 9:30pm: Drama Stuck the campsite. Two of the three tent doors wouldn’t zip. Campers resolved the issue resourcefully with their innovations.

-Even coordinator of EESA Chesley Shoup peeked out from the tent while fixing up the broken doors.


Around 11:00pm: The group moved inside the tent and had conversations with others about their own stories of energy conservation.


Around 11:30pm: Everyone was having a fun time to get into the sleeping bags. The group settled in and quited down. All of us were ready to get some rest.

-Enviroment Science senior Robert Baner tried to get into his “double-bag” by rolling around inside the tent. 


Around midnight: 


Around 7:30am: The two tents stood still in front of Coffman Union at the temperature of 10 below the next morning.