New driver’s licenses benefit Minnesota

National security and law enforcement will also benefit from better technology.

New, state-of-the-art driver’s licenses are available starting today to Minnesota residents. The cards are available for purchase as duplicate cards if desired, but the new cards will now be automatically issued to expired cardholders, eventually protecting every person with a driver’s license in the state. The state has tried new technology in the past, but fake ID cards are still easy to come by, because the technology could have been copied before.

The new cards feature technology designed to prevent counterfeiters and would-be terrorists. Said to be impossible to duplicate, the new cards are designed to help the on-the-rise problem of identity theft and even hinder potential terrorists using aliases.

More and more people are using fake names and identification for theft and credit card scams. National security and law enforcement will also benefit from better technology. Enemies of the state and other criminals might be using false identification to move around the country, and because the new cards will be a lot harder to get ahold of illegally, the state will be able to keep terrorists out of places that need to be as secure as possible.

This new step up the bridge of technology is a great move for the state. The advancement will heighten the safety of all residents of Minnesota, protecting the identity of the individual. It will make fake ID cards harder to come by and maybe even eventually impossible.

There is little in this country one can’t do if one has a driver’s license. Almost every time a person writes a check, a driver’s license is asked for. The cards hold control over almost all aspects of one’s life. Passports are, for many people, unnecessary because everything they need is accessible by the simple flash of a driver’s license. ID cards are such a huge part of the average person’s daily routine that leaving home without them hinders the entire day and is a major inconvenience.

Because driver’s licenses are such an important part of everyday life, it is completely necessary and even expected that the state would have the best technology as involved as possible.