Facebook rules are wrong

No one is arguing FacebookâÄôs right to set their own rules. What is being debated is the belief that the rules are wrong in themselves and should be changed. This is, indeed, a question of what is obscene or inappropriate and is precisely and exactly a question of whether breastfeeding images are obscene. Facebook set rules to prevent members from being subjected to obscene photos. Yes, they had to draw a line somewhere. What is wrong with their standard is that it does not see any difference between bare breasts offered for titillation and breasts being used for their proper, natural purpose. ItâÄôs very simple: The rules should be changed to allow for bare breasts if a baby is using them! For the record, there are still photos of topless women and nudity on Facebook, probably because they have yet garnered no complaints. But let a breast be shown in actual use and some people just can’t handle it. Get over it! George Clarke Philadelphia resident