Jason Kassel

Anti-Federalist Jason Kassel said he has nothing to offer University students except dialogue. In fact, he said his platform only offers pain and discomfort in the near future.
That is, if he gets elected as U.S. Representative.
“Give me a break, I’m not going to win,” he said. “The point is not to win, but to get the issues on the table.”
Kassel, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science, said his party name refers to the Federalist Papers and the two parties that debated the Constitution as it was created.
“I want to return to a primary debate about what type of society we want to live in,” he said. Kassel said his main issue about today’s society is technology.
“You can’t be for or against technology, it simply is,” he said. In this country all people are tracked, he added, explaining that he wants to slow down the political process to ask if this is what we really want.
Kassel questioned citizen’s privacy, citing huge databases at the FBI: one with DNA from certain types of criminals, one for health care and another including everyone who starts a new job in order to track deadbeat dads.
If elected, he plans to call for a five-year moratorium on government activity to discuss where the country is going but said he doesn’t know what will happen after that.
“It’s because I’m interested in the future we are going to face as adults and what our children are going to face,” he said.

*slot-read by Jenny W.