Support ACES Act

President Barack Obama ran a historic campaign based on the principle of change. Now it is up to us, as students, as citizens, to see that change realized. We are facing a global crisis this very moment: global warming. We have the opportunity for major change this very summer. In Congress right now there is an act called the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), which requires the reduction of carbon emissions from major U.S. sources âÄî 80 percent by 2050. If we, as Minnesotans, as members of the University of Minnesota community, want our children and our childrenâÄôs children to see the beauty of our environment in Minnesota we need this kind of bold policy change. I urge all that read this to call on your representatives to pass ACES. Representative Keith Ellison is a champion on this issue, but he needs our public support to make sure this act passes, for our future depends on it. Mia Overly University student