170 years of “The Raven”

by Jackie Renzetti

Via Society6


Thursday, January 29th marks 170 years since the publishing of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” To commemorate this occasion, here are 5 notable readings of the famous, frightful tale.


  1. James Earl Jones as Lisa Simpson (duh)

  2. Christopher Walken

  3. Vincent Price

  4. John Astin

  5. Christopher Lee


For orators yearning to create their own recording, the full text can be found here.


Aspiring poets may want to read Poe’s “Philosophy on Composition,” an essay he wrote explaining how he designed the poem, piece by piece, based on his 3 main theories of how to create successful fiction.

Stay tuned for the 170th anniversary of the final version of Lenore!