Stop unfairly bashing conservative writers

I am writing in response to the April 27 letter to the editor, âÄúAn unearned conservative voice on campus.âÄù

I think it was unfair in bashing Josh Villa and his columns.

Sure, you might not agree with what he is saying and he may not even be 100 percent correct all the time, but the least you could do when you respond is be respectful.

Calling his arguments unoriginal, âÄúdivorced from the truth,âÄù and inferring that they were unintelligently written is rude and distasteful.

You say you want to read a conservative article yet you rip the individual who has the courage to do so.

Perhaps itâÄôs this fear of mockery that prevents more conservatives from voicing their opinions. The University of Minnesota is all-in-all a liberal institution.

I donâÄôt think there is much disagreement with this. As for the issue of funding, I donâÄôt think itâÄôs that big of a deal to fund several conservative groups when the entire university is liberal.

Every class I have taken here has been with a teacher with seemingly liberal beliefs, many of whom take class time to bash conservatives and right-wing ideology.

Granted, I knowingly took this risk in coming to the University and accept it.

But to be against the funding of conservative groups while the entire University can be considered leftist is a little ridiculous.

Let the conservatives have their three groups and the one conservative writer write his articles.