Business offers new way to find work

by Peter Frost

Students who don’t have the time or patience to find a job that fits their schedule — but who still need money for books, beer and burgers — have a new option.
The Campus Job Connection, a new service dedicated to finding members of the University community jobs, opened its doors on Sept. 1 in Dinkytown and started taking applications Tuesday.
The job connection makes finding a job more convenient for students since they only have to fill out a single application to be eligible for a plethora of employment opportunities.
A potential employee can go into the office, specify what type of work they would like and turn in a schedule that outlines times they are available. From there, CJC matches the job seeker with a suitable position.
So far it’s been a hit, with 150 job applications pouring into the office in its first two days of business.
“I went in there just because it’s a hell of a lot easier than anything else,” said Angeley Mullins, a Carlson School of Management freshman, who will be moving office furniture and catering for $9.50 per hour.
“I can just get a job on weekends working 8- to 10-hour shifts — and it’s way better money than working at a stupid bagel store,” she said.
Mari Beck, a College of Liberal Arts sophomore, said she went into the job connection because she needed some extra cash during school.
“A lot more jobs were available there and you don’t have to fill out 10 different applications at 10 different places,” she said.
CJC operates by hiring people as their own employees and then putting them to work at various businesses in full-time, part-time and temporary positions — most of which are within walking distance or on a bus line near the University.
“It’s very rewarding to help college students out,” said Lynda Maas, CJC’s general manager. “It’s great that we can provide jobs that pay $100 to $150 a week with no set schedule or commitments.
“Just to have some extra money is nice,” Maas added. “That little bit extra helps students in a big way.”
CJC operates by contracting with local businesses that are looking for help. In return for their services, CJC collects a fee for every hour their employee works.
For example, a business might pay a CJC employee $10 per hour, with $9 going to the employee and $1 to the job connection.
CJC, a branch of Professional Metro Temporaries Inc., provides jobs that range from clerical work to driving delivery trucks.
The Campus Job Connection is located at 1321 Fourth St. S.E.

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