The Fashionista is in: get hearts pounding

Whether you’re with your boo, the ladies, or a burning bucket of your ex’s goodies, I’ve got you sartorially equipped for Valentine’s Day events.

by Shannon Ryan

In two days we will find ourselves immersed in chocolate, truffles, champagne and love — and disdain for some — all in the name of St. Valentine.

Feb. 14 is the date on your calendar either drowning in Sharpie hearts or X-ed out like your last romance, but it’s a date of recognition and celebration of some sort at its core.

Whether you approach the day with the fervor of St. Valentine himself or the snarl of a rabid pup, there is no reason not to dress the part. From saccharine red to so-black-you’re-almost-dead, I’ll set you up for three outfits fit for your night-of-the-14th of choice.


Romantic Rendezvous

Glamorous is the name of the evening for you, you relationship fiend. In between layers of the finest bubbly, Crest smiles and barely there intimates, you’re oozing with the red sauce of love, and it’s gushed onto your apparel.

Wearing a body-con doused in the richest of reds is a surefire way to reject skimping on the sexiness of the night: be Marilyn not Jackie this evening. Pair your form-fitting dress with a set of pointy-toed heeled booties and a statement necklace to up your dazzling factor. Your boo will have to tie his hands behind his back at the dinner table to keep his mitts off of you. Ooh la love it.


Lady Lovin’

Just because your relationship status reads “single” on social media does not mean you need to live the life of a spinster. Who says “Singles Awareness Day” needs to be associated with tears, frowns and boxes of Kleenex? Turn that mentality off like a switch, and flip to a light of cosmos, skinnies and teased tresses with your crew.

Keep your look casually sexy in a pair of dark denim skinnies and a low-cut blouse. Play into the holiday with a pair of pink- or red-hued stilettos and a daring set of lacey undergarments. No need to shy away from feeling foxy even if you’re the only set of eyes getting a peek. Little known fact associated with this holiday is that it’s a fine night for scouring the bars for other solo riders. Who knows, perhaps you’ll meet your next beau on this evening of love.


Valentine Vendetta

If exes and hexes are the only thing on your mind this fabulous 14th, embrace them in all of your sweet vindictive glory. Instead of dancing with your beloved, you’re dancing with the devil this evening, and it’s more of a slow jam than a kicky pop anthem. Wear your charred heart on your sleeves in a solemn shade of black, head-to-toe in accordance with how singed your valves are.

Slip your hips into a pair of scalloped black silk shorts and an oversized button-up of onyx. Shoes are unnecessary, though stilettos are recommended if you’d like, and a face painted of the finest charcoals and black eye makeup will set your brooding mood all evening. Pile on necklaces of various shapes and sizes, and wear your jewels all night. This emotional party seats two: Don’t forget your Bic.