“Six Steps, Part Deux”

Greg Corradini

.5:30 p.m. Friday, 10 p.m. Saturday,

8:30 p.m. Sunday

Illusion Theatre

“Deux” is French. “Six Steps, Part Deux” implies a second time. Which is sad. Because it means the wussy superheroes at the center of this play are at it again.

Speaking of the French, the C.I.A plans on destroying those pacified sissies. This strategy uses the tooth of Bengali, Dr. Foucault and foghorns. Don’t ask. Just pity these superheroes. It is their job to save the world from a robotic president and his administration.

A play like “Six Steps, Part Deux” wouldn’t survive outside the Fringe. In fact, its “fringiness” is what makes it enjoyable. It’s something like a shoddy high school play with political ankle biting and no budget. Actors’ imaginations compensate for the lack of props.

For example, Maynard (Nathan Tylutki) has “popping” superpowers. He can teleport or “pop” from here to there in the blink of an eye. A pouch of glitter helps him achieve such results. So, when we see the 6-foot-something Maynard lumber off stage like a buffalo, it’s funny. No, it’s hilarious.

Added to the antics is Vinnie (Nathan Christopher). Vinnie is the gyrating “Italian Stallion.” He obsesses over women. He uses a powerful horseshoe necklace to attract, among other things, women.

In a sense, Christopher steals the show. In a show where characterizations are the meat, the most absurd are the potatoes.

After Benign Turtle Woman (Angie Haigh) dies, Vinnie starts complaining about always burning chicken on the grill. This is accomplished in the most serious of tones and mock-Italian accent.

With superheroes like these, the Bush administration is going to be around for a while.