U employee reports stalker to police

by Koran Addo

This week University police responded to a Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs employee’s call complaining of a stalker.

Jane Vega called police because she had received a harassing phone call, according to police reports.

“I have a stalker,” Vega said in an interview.

She said a woman has stalked her for several years.

Vega said she first came into contact with the woman in 1997 when the woman was stalking a University alumnus.

While trying to contact the alumnus, the stalker contacted Vega. After a few years the stalker shifted her attention to Vega.

The stalker calls her in spurts for a couple weeks and then stops for a few months, Vega said.

“(The stalker) called me last November asking for my home address because she was going to send me a subpoena Ö then she told me the post office had no right to send (the subpoena) to me.”

At the end of the conversation, Vega said, the stalker warned her.

“If you ever get a package from me don’t ever, ever open it up,” the stalker said.

Because Vega works with students, her department has taken special precautions in case anyone comes to the office looking for her.

Vega said her stalker has never physically threatened her, but said she has been told by police there is potential for physical harm.

Vega said she has not filed a restraining order against her stalker.

“She’s a troubled woman,” Vega said. “(A restraining order) might just up the ante.”

Stolen drugs

Several bottles of the prescription narcotic Percocet were recently stolen from Moos Tower, according to police reports.

Percocet is a schedule 2 narcotic, said College of Pharmacy professor Brian Isetts, which means there is a high potential for abuse of the drug, and every tablet must be accounted for.

Percocet is a painkiller and its typical effects include euphoria and depression, Isetts said.

Isetts said abuse of Percocet can lead to liver damage or death from respiratory depression.

The case is still active and University Deputy Police Chief Steve Johnson said the police department will probably conduct interviews in connection with the case.

Presidential vandalism

A U.S. Forestry Service official reported a company vehicle had been vandalized this week.

Spokesman Tim Swedberg said someone spray-painted a portrait of University President Bob Bruininks and the name “Bruininks” on the hood of the vehicle.

“This was probably just a springtime thing,” Swedberg said. “This was not high-quality art; a little paint thinner took care of it.”