Obama breaks another promise

Another environmental mistake goes on Obama’s record.

In 2008, then-Sen. Barack Obama pledged to install the first-ever pollution limits on smog, which is widely regarded as a contributor to global warming and health risks. Three years later, now-President Obama has struck down the Environmental Protection AgencyâÄôs smog limits, which were once his own proposals.

Environmental organizations, along with ObamaâÄôs already disenchanted liberal base, are not so happy. Five of these groups, including the American Lung Association, are suing his administration for injuring the American people.

The proposed pollution limits to decrease ozone exposure would have cost $19 to $25 billion, according to the EPA. While this is a costly investment, the monetary value of health benefits would have been as high as $37 billion, making up for the cost of regulations.

ObamaâÄôs reasoning for his action was that it was not a smart move politically or economically. He claims he will reconsider the proposal in 2013, after further scientific studies are conducted.

Environmental jobs are the key to the future trajectory of our economy. ItâÄôs a whole new sector, capable of unleashing enormous numbers of opportunities. We have to make sacrifices to build a sustainable economy. If the wealthy have to suffer high costs in the short term, so be it. It is the long-term health of the economy we must be focusing on.

We have seen negligence from the administration on Keystone XL âÄî the proposed volatile pipeline expansion running from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico âÄî and this is yet another item to throw on the list of environmental gaffes, courtesy of the Obama administration.

This logical and beneficial proposal by the EPA would save lungs and lives, yet somehow the clench of this anti-regulatory atmosphere is suffocating the hope that this administration was already running low on.