FUNDS from 1

the leftover $30 to Reform candidate for governor Jesse Ventura.
Hanson, who trails in the race, said he’s not overly concerned about missing the filing deadline.
“Honestly, if the only thing that keeps me from the House of Representatives is not filing the campaign finance form, God, I’ll walk around town naked for a week,” he said.
Hanson joins gubernatorial candidate Humphrey and 61 other candidates running for office this season who failed to file their campaign contributions by the October deadline. The remaining 234 candidates made the due date.
“It’s unfortunate that a board product is causing him a problem,” said Jeanne Olson, executive director for the state’s Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.
The state tracks the campaign contributions and expenditures for candidates, lobbyists and political action committees — including those from the University.
None of the University’s three associations that contributed money to the gubernatorial campaigns did it on behalf of the University.
“It would be a conflict of interest for us, as a public land grant institution, to endorse any political ideology,” said Richard Pfutzenreuter, associate vice president for the Office of Budget and Finance.
“It’s just inappropriate,” he said.