Woman recants rape claim; U student cited for underage drinking

by Mohamad Elmasry

A 24-year old woman who said that a man attempted to rape her Feb. 13 took back her accusation this week, said Steve Johnson, deputy police chief for the University Police Department.

“Our investigators interviewed her, and she recanted and said it didn’t happen,” Johnson said.

“It’s a relief to know that a stranger assault didn’t occur in this instance.”


University police are investigating threats University employee James Williams received Monday.

“There was a note on my door when I got in Monday morning that seemed threatening,” Williams said.

According to a police report, the note read, “Your daughter will die!”

Williams’ daughter was not harmed.

Driving while intoxicated

On March 3, police stopped a driver for speeding on University Avenue, a police report said. The man appeared intoxicated but refused to take a breathalyzer test, Johnson said.

The suspect “refused to cooperate,” Johnson said.

The man, who also had a suspended driver’s license, was charged with third-degree driving while intoxicated, Johnson said.

In a separate incident, a man failed to stop for a red light and nearly hit a police car, Johnson said.

The police officer was forced to “slam on his breaks,” and the man’s car passed within a foot of the police car, Johnson said.

The officer arrested the driver and booked him for driving while intoxicated, a police report stated.

Urinating in public

University police stopped two men Saturday, one of whom was urinating in public on campus, a police report stated.

“Just about once a week, my officers see some underage drunk person urinating in a public place somewhere,” Johnson said. “Alcohol doesn’t make you smarter.”

Both men were given citations for minor consumption.

Illegal use of handicap permit

Police cited a woman for illegal use of a handicap permit when she was found using her son’s permit to park free at a parking meter, a police report stated. The woman’s son was not with her.

“On average, we write about 100 of these misuse of handicap permit citations a year,” Johnson said.

Underage drinking

On Sunday, an officer saw a man who appeared intoxicated swaying from side to side “yelling unknown things,” a police report stated.

The 18-year-old University student gave the officer the middle finger and swore at the officer with “extremely slurred” speech. The man was given a citation for minor consumption of alcohol.

“I reiterate, alcohol doesn’t make you smarter,” Johnson said.

In another incident, an officer observed a person standing in the middle of the street at 15th Avenue Southeast and Fifth Street Southeast, Johnson said. The man, a University student, was apparently talking to someone in a car stopped at a red light, Johnson said.

“He smelled really strongly of alcohol, and his speech was slurred,” Johnson said.

The student resisted arrest but was eventually put into the squad car.

“This arrested person continued to get more agitated, screaming, swearing, trying to get out of the squad car,” Johnson said.

The man was booked in jail on a minor consumption charge, Johnson said.