U pushes win streak to eight at Iowa

by Sarah Mitchell

IOWA CITY, Iowa — The Gophers baseball team merely followed a trend this weekend by sweeping Iowa for the third consecutive season.
But Minnesota (24-7 overall, 7-1 in the Big Ten) shouldn’t get all the credit for its four-game run through Iowa City. The Hawkeyes (14-19, 3-9) provided the Gophers with plenty of help.
Iowa’s sloppy fielding and struggling pitching staff gave Minnesota opportunities to score extra runs when its at-bats should have been over. The Gophers capitalized, winning 5-3 on Friday, 5-3 and 9-5 on Saturday, and 13-5 on Sunday.
“Except for (Sunday) we were in all of those games,” Hawkeyes coach Scott Broghamer said. “I thought we played three great college baseball games. (Sunday) it just got out of hand a little early. Minnesota takes advantage of mistakes, and when we did make mistakes, they did a good job of taking advantage.”
The Hawkeyes, a team that starts as many as five true freshman, had chances to break Minnesota’s streak early in the series, especially on Friday. But the Gophers scored five unearned runs in the series opener, thanks to three defensive errors and a combined six walks from Iowa starting pitcher Jim Magrane and reliever Bryan Boesen.
By Sunday, losing 14 consecutive games to Minnesota seemed to have taken a toll on Iowa.
“I think once we got two games on them they were kind of frustrated,” Gophers shortstop Rick Brosseau said. “I think they thought they had a chance coming in, but after they lost that first one, they felt like it was going to happen again.”
Hawkeyes senior Wes Obermueller took the mound on Sunday while junior college transfer Chadd Clarey made his second Big Ten start for the Gophers. Despite attracting many major league scouts to the park with radar guns in hand, Obermueller failed to do what Clarey did — retire hitters.
Obermueller allowed seven hits and six earned runs in his 1 2/3-inning stint. Hawkeyes relievers Troy Wulf and Boesen didn’t fare much better, giving up a combined eight hits and seven runs.
Meanwhile, Clarey stifled the Hawkeyes offense, which brought a .335 batting average into the series. The junior lasted six innings, giving up six hits and three runs while striking out six and walking three.
“I was impressed with (Minnesota’s) effort (Sunday),” Gophers coach John Anderson said. “(Sunday) was the type of day where it would have been easy to pack it in. (We) had won three games already and the weather, it was cold. I thought this was the best overall game we played in the league this year so far.”
The Gophers have won 17 of their last 18 games, including the last eight. They look to continue their assault on the Big Ten next weekend, opening the conference home season at Siebert Field with a four-game stand against Michigan.
“Winning on the road is important, but it doesn’t matter if we win on the road if we don’t win at home,” Anderson said. “I think the players have taken the approach that it doesn’t matter where we play, home or away, they’re going to try to come out and play well each time they put their uniforms on.”

R.Brosseau 14 1 2 1
Scanlon 17 3 6 5
Quinlan 16 8 11 9
Amundson 11 2 3 4
Hannaha 9 4 3 2
Arlt 15 5 4 1
Howard 16 4 4 1
Negen 12 2 1 1
Kennedy 12 2 4 6
Holthaus 2 0 1 0
M.Brosseau 4 1 1 0
Nuss 3 0 1 0
Devore 3 0 0 0
Totals 135 32 41 30