Does voting in houses of worship violate church-state separation?

Am I the only one who is uncomfortable having polling places in houses of worship? It seems to me this is enough of a violation of church-state separation as to be court-tested and, I should hope, prohibited.

Have we run out of schools and community centers so that we need to rely on houses of worship for polling places as was the case temporarily for me when I lived in Southwest Minneapolis a few years ago?

I didnâÄôt like it then and I like it less now with the constantly growing intrusion of various denominations and religious figures into our politics. Why arenâÄôt they prosecuted for violating their tax exempt status? Several years ago, I brought this to the attention of MinnesotaâÄôs American Civil Liberties Union âÄîto which I belong âÄî and it didnâÄôt seem to bother them any.

But letâÄôs say there was a ballot initiative about abortion and your polling place was in a house of worship that opposes abortion. Might you feel intimidated when you went there to vote?

IâÄôm interested to see what you all think. But in my estimation, allowing voting in houses of worship is just god-awful.