Don’t judge members of frats and sororities before you get to know them

We all know the stereotypes of fraternities and sororities, and because of those stereotypes, members of fraternities are quickly judged based on them. Some people are under the impression that the only activities that members of fraternities do involve drinking, or that sororities only have members that are âÄúvalley-girls.âÄù That is completely false.

For example, last week my fraternity organized an event for gathering clothes as part of our determination to help those in need during these tough times. Our charity wasnâÄôt printed in the paper. It seems that the only time fraternities get in the paper is when something bad happens.

Now, I am not excusing the behavior of the individuals who break the law, but those individuals are not a proper representation of the community as a whole. For example, if an individual with a blue shirt stole from you, would you then assume that every person wearing a blue shirt is going to steal from you? No, of course not.

It frustrates me, my brothers and the entire community every time we hear about the terrible actions of a few selected individuals, but we all still strive to foster a positive image about the greek community as a whole.

If anyone who reads this has a hard time believing me, simply find someone who is greek in one of your classrooms (I guarantee you there will be at least one person âÄî we are well-represented) and ask them why they joined their fraternity or sorority. Their response is not going to be âÄúTo party all day and all night.âÄù Joining a fraternity or sorority is more about becoming something that is greater than yourself, something that was there before you joined and will continue to exist after you have left.

When one joins, one becomes part of the legacy of the community, part of the history and part of the struggles. Dispelling stereotypes is not easy. There will always be those who refuse to accept the honest and genuine actions of others, and all I can say to that is âÄúhaters always gonna hate.âÄù

But those who are more open-minded, I ask of you not to pre-judge members of the greek society and actually get to know us. We arenâÄôt that different from the average student.