Police equip students with crime facts

Attending a large University in a city known for its crime can be intimidating to new students and their parents, but taking a few simple precautious can reduce crime, police say.
More people fear violent crime, but property crimes are much more common.
Theft of bicycles, purses and wallets are the most common types of crime around the University and occur nearly every day.
Police suggest locking up everything of value.
Investing in a good bike lock, preferably a U lock or heavy cable, is vital to preventing bike theft, police said.
Bikes can also be registered with University Police for three years for a $10 fee. Registration allows owners to reclaim stolen bikes recovered by police.
Unlocked dorm rooms can also be an invitation to thieves. Although neighbors might be trustworthy, outsiders can gain access to dorms without much work, police said.
Instead of hiding spare keys under a doormat or near your apartment, give them to a trusted friend. Burglars know common hiding places and will check them.
Police also recommend students use common sense to spot fraud and other scams. Police also suggest being wary of high-pressure sales, cash-only demands and no-risk, high-yield investments.
Although violent crimes are much less common than property crimes at the University, police suggest several ways to prevent victimization.
First, report crimes you witness or experience. If criminal activity isn’t reported, police can’t investigate or arrest suspects.
Second, act confidently and be aware of your surroundings. Not looking like a victim might convince a potential criminal you aren’t one.
Finally, trust your instincts. If a situation feels dangerous, leave right away.
In an emergency, call 911. To contact University Police in a non-emergency situation, call 624-3550. To report a non-emergency crime to Minneapolis police, call 673-3383. For other information from Minneapolis police, call 673-2655.