Letter: Vote for Sund in PSG election

Letter to the Editor

I wholeheartedly urge professional students to vote for Michael Sund for the Presidency of the Professional Student Government.

As Secretary of the Senate, I am a member of the Executive Council of the PSG. Within this role, I am also a member of the leadership of the University Senate. With this experience and in this role, and the other positions I hold as a student leader, I have become keenly aware of the unique opportunities and challenges that exist within this University. Indeed, within this role it is clear that PSG must move forward and embrace its leadership within the University system. We must engage with it more deeply. We must embrace the mission, vision and values that are tantamount to who we are and what we experience as professional students. 

Sund speaks eloquently to these opportunities and knows these challenges intimately. The Professional Student Government has grown as an organization over the past few years. We have developed. We have moved forward. However, we need to grow more. We need to evolve. We must change and embrace the community we represent more deeply. I am confident his leadership within this role will not only help shape this government into one of responsible governance, but of vision and values. His experience, knowledge, passion and personality make him the best candidate for this position. 

Since meeting him I have consistently been impressed by his ability to organize people and issues and campaign for the rights of people. He is committed to good, equitable governance that is responsive to those constituencies it represents. He is committed to equity, fairness and justice, which is absolutely necessary within a public service role. Since knowing him, he has been persistent in speaking about and advocated for the values of those he represents. Beyond this, he listens. He takes into account the voices of the people around him and works diligently to create sustainable change. 

I am excited about his candidacy and vehemently urge all others to vote for him. He is the kind of leader that this position and this government needs. Vote for him.

This letter has been lightly edited for clarity and style.

Matthew Berg is the secretary of the Senate for Professional Student Government.