Food trucks serve up competition

Daily Editorial Board

Food trucks are showing up around the University of Minnesota campus, but some establishments in Dinkytown are displeased with this development, the Minnesota Daily reported Thursday
Even while working within strict city regulations that prevent them from parking within 100 feet of another restaurant, some food trucks have found success. 
Some business owners have expressed concerns that if food trucks continue to proliferate, Dinkytown businesses could begin to lose profits. Moreover, the Dinkytown Business Alliance has worked on promoting Dinkytown, and DBA Vice President Randal Gast feels that food trucks are now profiting from their promotional efforts. There has
even been discussion of banning the trucks from the city entirely.
Food truck owners like Alec Duncan of Potter’s Pasties & Pies don’t agree. Duncan noted that it took him at least three years to simply gain permission to sell on the University campus. 
While food trucks have been expanding nationally for a number of years, we feel that it is important to recognize they are catering to demand from students who want quick, cheap and convenient food. This isn’t always possible in brick-and-mortar establishments, especially when rushing between classes. 
As such, we urge the city council to avoid introducing any new laws banning food trucks, as there are already sufficiently strict regulations in place to preserve a competitive business atmosphere. Some businesses may be affected if the food truck development becomes a trend, but more than likely it will only mean increased food options for students.