Landlord allows students to stay after riot

Dinkytown Rentals cancelled two eviction hearings for students involved in SaturdayâÄôs riots scheduled for Thursday morning, according to a clerk in the Hennepin County Housing Court. Tim Harmsen, the students’ landord and Dinkytown Rentals owner, said they negotiated an out-of-court settlement with the students earlier this week that will allow the students to stay in the properties. âÄúIt just was a bad situation and I think itâÄôs good to get it settled,” Harmsen said. “Some sort of court case wasnâÄôt really going to be in anyoneâÄôs interest or really prove anything.âÄù Harmsen could not speak to further details of the settlement. The students were served an eviction notice Monday for violations of their lease including serving alcohol to minors and receiving several noise complaints.