Train bomb kills 10 people, injures at least 80 in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — The third bomb in two days to explode in a crowded public place tore through a train Tuesday as it pulled into the Lahore station. Ten people died and more than 80 were injured.
As in previous bombings, the government blamed all three blasts on agents from neighboring India. The Indian government has denied past such claims.
Authorities believe a timed explosive was planted on the early morning train that was packed with laborers from Kasur, 50 miles south, near Pakistan’s border with India.
On Monday, a bomb ripped through a train near the Punjab town of Pattoki, 35 miles south of Lahore, killing 11 people. Hours earlier, a bomb exploded outside a courthouse in Sukkur, 360 miles south in Sindh province, killing two. More than 50 were injured in the two bombings.
A Foreign Ministry statement said the three blasts “were part of a well-orchestrated terrorist plan” carried out by Indian intelligence, the state-run news agency reported.
Pakistan and India have fought three wars in the past 50 years and routinely blame each other for violence at home.