Transaction of stolen laptop prompts arrest

by Liz Bogut

University Police Sgt. Jo Anne Benson said she arrested a student this week for attempting to sell a stolen laptop.
A woman contacted University Police after discovering that a $2,400 laptop she tried to buy over the Internet had been stolen from the journalism school, Benson said.
The student trying to sell the laptop claimed he did not have the warranty information, Benson said. He advised the woman to call the manufacturer.
The computer company told the woman the computer was registered to the journalism school. The woman then contacted University Police.
“The woman arranged to meet the student in order to buy the laptop,” Benson said. “But when he showed up, we were there instead to make an arrest.”
Benson said the student was dumbfounded when he realized he had been caught.

In other police news:
ù A Wisconsin man was arrested for a weapons violation Sunday, according to a University Police report.
“Police discovered a loaded, semi-automatic hunting rifle in the car after making a routine traffic stop on 23rd Avenue South and Riverside Avenue,” Benson said.
Police also determined the man had been drinking, according to the police report.
A University student and one other man were in the car during the arrest.

ù An unidentified male stole cash from a Mariucci Arena concession stand Friday, according to a University Police report.
Police suspect a concession employee pretending to make a cash deposit disappeared with anywhere from $250 to $1,000, Benson said.
“A man came by acting like he was doing a cash drop. He took money from at least three registers,” said Theresa Stolpa, a Mariucci concessions worker. “At the end of the night, we were short at least $500.”
When the employees asked the supervisor if the cash drop had been accounted for, the supervisor said drops were not supposed to be made that night, Stolpa said.
No arrests have been made.

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