Boynton’s shortcomings

Boynton should have a 24-hour appointment line among other things.

Boynton Health Service is very helpful to many University students and faculty members who are suffering this cold and flu season. To students who pay the Student Services Fee, they are there to provide for pretty much any type of medical service needed. However, there are some things Boynton could work on.

The biggest roadblock for students is getting an appointment. Boynton schedules appointments only by phone. This works for students during regular business hours, but many are stuck waiting around at night to make the appointment in the morning. Often appointments cannot even be scheduled for a couple of days from when the student calls, meaning if the student is really sick, he or she won’t be able to get a doctors note for missed classes. Many professors require that doctor’s notes are written on the date of a missed class. But, for example, a student who knows he is too sick to go to classes on Monday by Sunday night has to wait until the morning to schedule an appointment. They may or may not get in right away and have to risk missing class either way.

Boynton could solve this problem easily by setting up a 24-hour appointment line. It could do this by phone, but it could save a person from sitting next to a phone all night by having it be a link on its Web site. This would most likely lessen the wait time for students, and students could choose times that worked well with their schedule because they would see more options listed. More students would take advantage of the services offered at Boynton.

Another problem with Boynton is that it lacks a 24-hour help line. They have an after-hours care number on its Web site, and it serves students who need to reach a nurse after the clinic closes, but it isn’t advertised very well. Boynton should flaunt this aspect of services to students, because there are many times one has health questions that aren’t on the Web site and they are unsure of. Boynton is a great service to students at the University. These are just a couple of things that could help everyone through these sick days.