What voters need to know before Nov. 2

Before making a decision, a responsible voter will research all candidates in the race.

This is one of the most important elections in years; voters need the basic and necessary information about each candidate before going to the polls Nov. 2 in order to make an intelligent decision.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry’s plan for the economy is to strengthen the middle class, stand up for workers’ rights, create good-paying jobs and create more opportunities for small businesses. He also proposes to cut middle-class taxes and make certain the government stays within a budget.

President George W. Bush’s plan for the economy, while very wordy is also quite detailed. He wants to build a stronger, more skilled work force, and a fair and simpler tax plan. He also wants to encourage people to create savings accounts and invest their money wisely. While this is a smart, interesting sketch, where is the tax cut George W.?

What about something that pertains to college students, something that will help us decide who the most qualified candidate is? Kerry intends to help 1.5 million more students get into college through expanding college readiness programs. He also hopes to tackle the issue of increasing tuition costs. Bush, on the other hand, stresses the importance of maintaining Social Security so future generations may benefit from this institution.

And of course, we know that both candidates have plans for Iraq. Kerry promises to hunt down terrorists while Bush plans to finish the job in Iraq.

But how do these issues help a person decide who is best qualified for the presidency? The most obvious answer is that the candidate who most closely represents the ideals the constituent feels are the most important is the obvious choice.

Before making a decision, a responsible voter will research all candidates in the race. This provides the voter with more accurate information and helps him or her to make a more informed decision.

Nov. 2 is an important date for this nation. We must all do our best to make informed, conscious decisions. This way, we will elect the best man for president, and hopefully see some positive changes in this country. So go do your homework!

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