Man carjacked at gunpoint near Dinkytown McDonald’s

The suspect fled the area with the victim’s car, running him over in the process.

A view of McDonalds in Dinkytown on Monday. On Sunday night, a persons car was stolen at gunpoint in the area.

Ellen Schmidt

A view of McDonald’s in Dinkytown on Monday. On Sunday night, a person’s car was stolen at gunpoint in the area.

by Nick Wicker

A man had his car stolen at gunpoint in Dinkytown Sunday night.

Just after 11 p.m., a suspect ran down the man with his own car after he tried to buy the assailant a meal.

The victim, 25-years-old, had picked up the man near the Dinkytown McDonald’s after he asked the driver to give him $5 for bus fare, according to a police report. The driver offered to buy him a meal at the restaurant.

Together in the car in the store’s parking lot, the victim opened his wallet to get money for the suspect’s food, the report said. The man then tried to grab all his money and stuck a gun to his side.

The driver left his door and moved to the suspect’s window, trying to pull him out of his car. According to the report, that was when the suspect shifted seats and started to drive.

The victim jumped on his car’s hood, the report said, and the suspect jerked to the left and right until he fell from it.

In an interview, the victim said he was run over and in pain. He called for help and searched for his phone. He remembered watching bystanders leave the scene despite his cries.

He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, the report said, and the suspect sped away down 5th Street SE.

The victim said he was brought home from the hospital Monday morning, where he struggled with pain to his back, shoulders, head and hands, making it difficult to perform basic tasks and forcing him to sleep most of the day.

His cousins later found his car abandoned with the keys on the floor, he said.

The University of Minnesota Police Department provided video footage of the incident, the report said.