It Bag 2015

by Micaela Resh

It’s that time of year again, the impending reveal of Vogue’s It Bag.

This year, in a fashionably democratic manner, Vogue is holding an election for this year’s top, lusty worthy accessory. Ten purses are in the running to win the title. Voting will begin on January 27 via online ballots.

Once described as, “that totemic accessory that announced you were the owner of all that was desirable in the world,” said Vogue. Since the 90s, the title It Bag has been a claim of luxury in the fashion world.

The It Bag is determined neither by accessibility nor availability. The general inaccessibility of the It Bag makes it even more desirable. (And reassures us peasants that we are indeed still peasants.)

Here are the contestants:

Candidate #1: Valentino Top Handle Bag

Candidate #2: Proenza Schoulder U Bag

Candidate #3: Loewe Puzzle Bag

Candidate #4: Fendi Mico Peekaboo Bag

Candidate #5: Reed Krakoff Geometric Square Bag

Candidate #6: Dior Diorarma Bag

Candidate #7: Chanel Flap Bag

Candidate #8: Céline Curve Bag  

Candidate #9: Louis Vuitton Besace Ronde Bag

Candidate #10: Gucci Bucket Bag