Rethinking admissions

by Becky Mohn

After reading a July 7 article in The Minnesota Daily about class ranking and admissions to the University of Minnesota, I could not help but feel a pang of familiarity.

I believe that the University of Minnesota needs to rethink its entire approach to admissions. In the age of grade inflation, the Office of Admissions is overlooking students who have taken steps to prepare for college and who have challenged themselves in high school.

It is possible that the Office of Admissions could conduct interviews with the students that are on the bubble of admissions, request that they write a personal statement or place a higher importance on ACT and SAT scores. This could ensure applicants that they will be treated more like a potential student rather than a list of stats. The University could also begin requiring an essay portion or letters of recommendation to cut the number of applications received. Students who are using the University as one of many safety schools would be less inclined to apply if the process was lengthier. This would leave fewer applications for admissions workers to sift through and more space for the more serious applicants.

The admissions team needs to reassess its process of admissions. With intensive programs such as International Baccalaureate increasing in popularity, and with grade inflation running rampant through schools, it is the only way to ensure the right students receive admission to the University. The only way the University can continue to flourish is to admit students who are excited to learn and push themselves, not just applicants that look good on paper.

Despite the crushing defeat I felt after reading rejection letters the University sent me, I was not willing to give up. After a semester at the University of Minnesota’s Duluth campus, I was able to transfer to the Twin Cities campus. I had finally accomplished my goal of being a first year student at the University, albeit a little later than I had hoped. Now I am a semester ahead in my course work, I do well in my classes, I am very involved and completely in love with the University community.


Becky Mohn, Undergraduate student