Another sexual assault reported, but still no comment from University

by Emma Ahlberg- University student

Upon reading the Jan. 28 Minnesota Daily article, “Sexual assault reported at Gophers athletes’ apartment,” I was shocked at the University of Minnesota’s reaction to the alleged crime.

Again, the University has no comment. You’d think if a crime as serious as a sexual assault was reported involving University athletes, someone would have something to say, especially considering there was another witness involved.

One would think the University learned its lesson a couple of years back when allegations of sexual assault caused the University to sanction a campus fraternity. But it seems the University is back to the old game of dodging questions and avoiding consequences. As for the woman who reported this crime, I send my support and understanding of how frustrating and hurtful all this is. You are not alone.

As a final suggestion to the University, perhaps it could create another Safe U poster, with inspiration from the podcast “Welcome to Nightvale”: If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.